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Welcome to the video gallery. Here all videos taken of CCDA Events and Playground. Enjoy!

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  1. Corofin Galway Festival 2014 1
  2. Agricultural Show 2015
  3. Canon Oliver Hughes Community Playground
  4. Canon Oliver Hughes Playground Grand Opening 30th Nov 2014
  5. Corofin Community
    Our village has one shop, church, a pub and its GAA pitch at its heart. Two of our local shops have closed down. We are situated 30 minutes from Galway. A huge number of families have moved into Corofin in the last 10-15 years. We are so lucky to live in corofin galway , for the last 3 years the corofin community development association (ccda) have been fundraising so much to build a playground for the 800 children that live here.This group of people living in the parish have come together to get neighbours helping each other and working together. I as one of the committee members have met hundreds since I got involved. The fundraising events have been duck races,egg hunts,pub quizzes,children's and teenagers discos,line dancing classes fashion show,photography competitions for the best selfies,mock weddings ,concerts in the church.Many of these events are becoming annual events and providing much needed entertainment. The events have been well supported by the elderly neighbouring villages and young families. Neighbours have come together new and old to work together. We have had hours of fun with lots of hard work dedication. We are humbled to receive many unexpected donations from many people in our neighbourhood. Every day we can see many children utilising the playground and now families that are already time poor don't have to travel for 30 mins to the nearest playground. We are so lucky to have a state of the art playground .If we are so lucky to get back the 10,000 We are planning to build a walkway for families ,neighbours and grand parents to walk safely off the road.10,000 would go a long way towards developing our walkway and making our walkers ,joggers safe.Also we are planning a community hall to hold our events. and have more fundraising events this year. We will have our annual summer festival,now in its 3 rd year and it's growing. If you work together with good community spirit you can do it. In Corofin we value bringing our community together. Our committee works extremely hard. We see quite a bit of each member will make and recycle signs rather than cost money,he will savage items and he always catches us by surprise when he does this. Another member will stay out all night on security so people can enjoy their night.Another member is a 16 year old that take photos of our events and is on admin to our Facebook and at the moment is helping develop a website. Other members can do numbers on their head and hold a tight reign on the budget. Another member is good with public speaking and can encourage crowd a to show up I could go on and on but all types of people have come together to share their talents and develop the community further. This community has brought the best out in people.